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OKFitness Health Supplements

Price: 699 INR

Key benefits:• It helps to reduce belly fat by speed up metabolism and helps to lose extra weight.• It slows down the process of moving food into our stomach and suppresses the appetite centre.• It is also helpful in promoting healthy gut.• It helps to utilize blood sugar resulting in boosting your metabolism and weight loss.• It is strong antioxidant, helps in promoting the brain function and delays the age effect.• It is rich source of vitamins and bioflavonoid which boost extra immunity.• It prevents heart disorder and maintains healthy heart.• It is very helpful for enhancing physical performance.

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Omega Flex

Price: 900 INR

Flax seed oil is one of the richest dietary plant sources of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are fortified with ingredients like vitamin-D3, vitamin-E, vitamin-K and boswellia serrata which acts as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory as well as having vitamins properties. It is specially designed by Ok Lifecare for joint care, skin health and digestion health. It also supports optimum function of immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, central nervous system, brain optimum function, balances hormones and prevents from osteoarthritis.

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Ginseng oklife care

Price: 700 INR

Panax ginseng is also called as Korean ginseng. In recent years, Ginseng gained a popularity as high valued medicinal herbs, known as "The lord of herbs" and most studied physical-performance herb on the planet. Its major bioactive component is ginsenoside that enhances stamina and has capacity to cope up with fatigue and physical stress. Ok Lifecare Ginseng helps to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation and management of sexual dysfunction in men. In athletics, it is best known for its ability to boost muscle endurance.

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Aloevera Fibre Juice

Price: 600 INR

Key benefits:It is excellent detoxifier and boosts the immunity.It relieves occasional constipation by enhancing digestion and protein absorption. It is rich in antioxidants which fights the free radicals found in body.It regulates blood pressure, cholesterol and improves blood circulation. It helps in weight management.It reduces inflammation.

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KSM-66 Dietary Supplement

Price: 1025 INR

Key benefits:• It improves memory, concentration and awareness.• It reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression.• It helps in weight management.• It is very effective sports performance enhancer.• It protects from high blood pressure.• It helps to balance cholesterol level.• It helps in controlling the glucose level in blood.• It has powerful testo booster properties.

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My90 oklife care

Price: 1600 INR

Key benefits:• Performance: It improves physical performance and muscular endurance. • Heart Health: It provides dietary support for optimum cardiac function.• Immune System: It supports immune health and protect the body against various infections.• Bone Health: It is helpful in maintaining and protecting bone density.• Digestive health: It contains probiotics that maintains gut health.• It fuel muscles and also aiding in fast muscle recovery due to essential amino acid content. • It promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.

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Price: 409 INR



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